With Any Type of Legal Problems, It's Important To Contact An Attorney

If you have been charged with a crime including a traffic violation, it’s important to contact a Roanoke Litigation and Criminal Defense Lawyer Bob Rider. Speeding tickets may seem minor and most drivers pay the ticket to avoid paying any type of court costs. Speeding tickets can affect a driver’s insurance rate as well as their license in the future. Points are accessed to citizens for moving violations in their automobile. The amount of points that are issued will depend on the amount of points that will be assessed to a driver upon conviction or a guilty plea. After 18 points in a year or 24 points in 24 months, your license could be suspended. In addition, you will have to complete a driver improvement clinic.

Although traffic tickets may seem insignificant to some drivers, it’s important to contact a Roanoke VA Traffic Lawyer. A speeding ticket may not seem of importance, but combined with any charge for a DUI, reckless driving or any other moving violations, a speeding ticket could result in loss of a license. Limiting the amount of points that are assessed through plea deals or through a trial could limit the future damage a conviction or guilty plea could deliver. If you fail to fight a traffic violation, you are completely forfeiting any opportunity in the future to eliminate a serious penalty of losing your license in the future.

Reducing charges to a lesser charge or having the charges completely dismissed is the goal of Roanoke Traffic Lawyer. A lawyer who is experienced in fighting traffic violations in court will be a blessing in the future if the points begin to risk your driving privileges. It’s very easy for the police to charge someone for reckless driving. If someone is involved in an automobile accident, they could be charged with reckless driving even if they weren’t at fault for the accident. This charge alone may not be of concern, but combined with several speeding tickets or a DUI charge, it could result in catastrophic results. DUI charges not only include expensive fines and points, it can also limit someone’s driving abilities with a license suspension.

It is never recommended to represent yourself and plead guilty to a DUI charge. This is a criminal charge and requires a Roanoke Criminal Defense Lawyer. They can evaluate the circumstances of the case and determine if the appropriate procedures were followed during a traffic stop. Any variation in the procedure or failure to follow the procedure could result in suppression of evidence or an acquittal. Contact an experienced defense attorney today in regards to your traffic violation charge.

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